Vegeled© Floodlights

Projecteur LED Horticole VegeledVegeled© floodlights are equiped with matrix LED which recompose a light spectrum with high photosyntethic efficiency.

Our most popular product is the BX151 150W floodlight with passive cooling. It is equipped with a high efficiciency power supply with wide voltage input range : 100-300VAC.

The beam angle is wide allowing an homogeneous lighting even at short distance.

The light output is around 50µmol/s/m² per unit at a distance of 1m in open area. The floodlight exists in 3 different spectral variants in standard and 1 to 10V dimmable version.

Light Spectrum
1. Red and White with high color rendering
2. Red Blue and White to combine high photosynthetic efficiency and complete spectrum
3. Red and Blue for best photosynthetic efficiency

1. Red and White 2. Red Blue White 3. Red Blue
BX151 Red White BX151 Red White Blue BX151 Red Blue